Wood Crafter


Wood Crafter is a pocket reference guide for woodworkers. It is part of the Crafter Companions suite of apps, which are designed to make crafting easier. Features include:

  • Wood species library containing key species with pictures and descriptions
  • Lumber grade library accompanied by pictures and descriptions
  • Grain orientation library accompanied by graphical representations and descriptions
  • Nominal size chart
  • Joint library containing common joints accompanied by visual graphics, descriptions, and tips
  • Wood screw guide containing graphics of common screw types, screw part descriptions, screw sizing chart, and a pilot hole chart
  • Board foot, golden ratio, half that, and fraction calculators
  • Drill press speed charts for three different bit styles with sizes and guidance for hard and soft woods
  • Fraction/decimal/metric conversion chart
  • Wood finishing guide, including a shellac calculator



$4.99 USD


Really useful info. Am especially enjoying the fraction calculator.

A Google user

Great app; the calculators and charts are very handy.

A Google user

Really cool thing, def worth the cost. Appreciate the upfront payment model. Love the board foot calculator and the other tools.

Devon Scott-Leslie

Love the app!! Love how you can go between metric and imperial. Looking forward to future updates. Very smart app, keep up the good work.

Cole Lucinsky

Helpful in so many ways. All info could be found online but this keeps it all in one clean place. Lots of tools as well. Big fan.

Garth Slack

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